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    How a Virginia Tech Coding Bootcamp Grad Landed a Role with Capital One

    Virginia Tech Testimonial E Carotti

    When Emilia Carotti decided she wanted to transition to a career in software engineering, there were many pathways to choose from. She considered going back to school but was weary of the large financial commitment. Carotti also contemplated self-learning but was concerned there wouldn’t be enough structure to learn all the concepts and skills required to become a successful software engineer.

    Instead, Carotti enrolled in the part-time Virginia Tech Coding Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy, where she developed the skills, knowledge, and experience in just 28 weeks while continuing to work full-time as a Civil Engineer.

    “I'm really glad I signed up for the bootcamp because, although it was a very intensive six months, I learned everything I needed to be a competitive potential candidate with an edge against my peers,” Carotti recalled. “If I had studied on my own account, I'm not sure I would have been able to sufficiently learn everything that the bootcamp was able to teach me.”

    The Virginia Tech Coding Bootcamp is built on a JavaScript-based curriculum that focuses on the latest web technologies, like Node.js and React. Led by industry-experienced instructors, the bootcamp provides ample opportunities for hands-on learning experiences using real-world coding tools like Git and GitHub.

    For Carotti, having a bootcamp schedule to stick to and classmates who depended on each other made the coding bootcamp experience easier to stick to and more enjoyable. Even today, Carotti still keeps in touch with her peers from bootcamp and still references many of the projects and assignments she worked on.

    “I would say that I benefitted from every single lesson, homework assignment, and project,” Carotti said. “I will be using all of the programming languages we learned in my job, and I still reference previous projects when I can't remember exactly how I built something.”

    During her job search, Carotti leveraged the support of a Career Coach to enhance her job search. In partnership with her Career Coach, she was able to optimize her resume and LinkedIn, learn networking techniques, and participate in mock behavioral interviews.

    After graduating from bootcamp, Carotti accepted an offer from the Capital One Developer Academy program that will empower her to further explore her new career path.

    Launch a Career in Coding with Virginia Tech and Fullstack Academy

    The Virginia Tech Coding Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy provides an inclusive learning environment for individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you’re a total beginner or have some experience, the immersive online bootcamp will provide you with job-ready skills that can help you transition to a rewarding career in coding.

    Ready to start your journey as a coder? Apply today!